New luxury capsule hotel brand “hotel zen tokyo” launches in April.

hotel reveals its zen minimalism design, kimono-inspired robe and bar offerings ahead of the Grand Opening.

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SEN inc. has announced the Grand Opening of its luxury capsule hotel brand “hotel zen tokyo” for April 2019 and revealed its zen minimalism interior and concept to the press for the first time.


hotel zen tokyo’s teahouse-inspired capsules are larger and more luxurious than regular Japanese capsules, with the height of each capsule reaching up to the ceiling and the majority of capsules having semi-double (120cm or 47 inches wide) beds with additional tatami (traditional-Japanese mats) flooring.


The seven-story building has 78 rooms total with some rooms dedicated to female-only sections. There are five types of rooms, each varying in bed size and floor surface area.  The hotel also comes with over 300 square meters (or 3230 square feet) of communal space, including a work / study lounge and a stylish bar lounge that provides solely Japan-born liquor, sake and wine.


hotel zen tokyo is located at the center of Tokyo, minutes away from major travel landmarks such as Asakusa, Akihabara, Tokyo station and Ginza. It also boasts direct access to Tokyo’s two airports via metro and buses.

Bridging the culture gap: Japanese tradition infused into the hotel experience by local architects, fashion designers, artists and sommeliers.


-FASHION: Original kimono robe designed by renowned fashion designer Tamae Hirokawa-

hotel zen tokyo’s original robe is created by fashion designer and creator of SOMA DESIGN Tamae Hirokawa, who is known for her kimono-inspired modern design.  Tamae designed the robe after the hotel’s zen minimalism design theme, likening the color of the robe to the tranquility of Japanese nature. The robe was carefully dyed by  Japanese craftsmen who have inherited and practiced the local dyeing technique for over a century.


-FOOD & DRINKS:  a “made-in-Japan” bar menu curated by seasoned sommelier-

One whole floor of the hotel building is dedicated to its basement bar lounge “TAIAN”, where guests can enjoy an entirely “made-in-Japan” bar menu.  At the center of the floor rests a cubic steel teahouse where guests can enjoy tea and post-dinner drinks on tatami (traditional Japanese mat). The drink menu is curated by Kota Narusawa, Chef Sommelier and General Manager of Restaurant TOYO, an upscale Japanese-French restaurant renowned in Paris and Tokyo.  TAIAN plans to partner with Restaurant TOYO to expand on its food offering, with a focus on pairing of food and Japanese wine & sake.


-ART: traditional Japanese painting in each capsule-

In Japanese architecture, each teahouse comes with a kakejiku (hanging scroll) for the visitor to admire at; likewise, each capsule in hotel zen tokyo comes with an art piece crafted by local artists carrying on the Japanese painting tradition.  hotel zen tokyo’s capsules come with four art pieces provided by the alumni of the prestigious Tokyo University of the Arts.


Expansion of the zen minimalism capsule franchise in Japan and abroad

SEN inc. was founded by Japanese architect and copywriter Taro Kagami in 2018.  Prior to SEN, Taro studied architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design and Waseda University and worked as a copywriter at Dentsu, Japan’s largest advertising agency.


At Harvard, Taro researched zen minimalism as a remedy to the gradual decline in affordable living and hotel space caused by rapid urbanization.  He focused on capsule hotels as a Japanese-born innovation that could potentially solve this problem, but noticed that many capsule hotels did not provide international guests with an opportunity to learn about Japan’s culture and tradition. He founded this capsule hotel brand with the mission to provide an affordable and convenient accommodation that allows guests to appreciate and learn about Japan’s architecture, tradition and culture at the same time.  

SEN has brought onboard Matsuo Iwata, former CEO of Starbucks Japan, as a board member to help the company establish its franchise business within and beyond Japan in hopes of reaching 50 hotels in the next ten years.


For more information, please refer to the following resources or contact hotel zen tokyo at info@hotelzen.jp.


■About hotel zen tokyo

hotel zen tokyo

Address:1-5-8 Nihonbashi Ningyocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Number of capsules: 78

Opening date:April, 2019



Hotel website:https://www.hotelzen.jp/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hotelzen.jp

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/hotelzen.jp

Concept movie: https://vimeo.com/319640640

Official photos: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wjZdkTOIUSS4f7P_0Ly0fPzlY_FO0xIe


■About SEN inc.

Company name: SEN inc.

Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo

CEO: Taro Kagami


■Taro Kagami Biography

Born and raised in in Tokyo, Taro has aspired to become an architect from a very young age. After graduating from Waseda University’s Department of Architecture, Taro worked as a copywriter and TV commercial planner at Japan’s largest advertising agency Dentsu, during which time he received numerous awards including the 30th Yomuri Advertising Award and the Daito Kentaku Apartment Design Competition. He later left Dentsu to attend Harvard University Graduate School of Design, where he graduated with a Master of Architecture in Urban Design. Taro is an expert in crafting design solutions for urban settings, a skill he hopes to merge with his love of Japan as he designs authentic tea houses in this hotel franchise.